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Nature, Naturally, MUJI.

                                   It’s pretty obvious, but nature is not simple.                                                                        We experience tranquility when our lives meld with nature.
                                   All of creation, encompassing many lives, competes against itself.                                                    We are quieted by sunlight on a wall, water in a glass,
                                   The result, a situation maintaining even better balance, is nature.                                                   and fulfilled by the sound of the wind, or footsteps.
                                   Consequently, nature is extremely diverse.                                                                            MUJI began in 1980 with 40 products.
                                   Nature encompasses all: places like deserts, where there is nothing;                                                  We now make 7,000. We continue to evolve, through
                                   places like tropical rainforests, where life abounds;                                                                 the jostling of little thoughts that arise from our constant
                                   and the state in which people live humbly upon this earth.                                                            observation, from every angle, of everyday life.

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