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Why was my card declined?

Your card can be declined for many reasons, the most common of which are listed below:

- The address does not match the address on the bank records.
- The postcode does not match the bank records
- The card number has been typed in incorrectly
- The card security number or CVS number has been typed in incorrectly
- The card type that you are using is not accepted by us. 

Please ensure that you type your address into the ePDQ system exactly as it is recorded on your bank or credit card statement, paying particular attention to your house / flat number and postcode.

Unfortunately we have cannot control the authorisation process. If the card continues to be declined, please contact your bank who should be able to provide the exact reasons for this. 

Your card is not charged when it is declined, though it may appear so. When a card is declined, the funds intended for the order are temporarily reserved by your bank. Since the order was never processed, the money will not be taken from your account. The reserved funds will automatically be released after a certain amount of time, usually within just a few days, depending on your bank.

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