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Kids Tricycle
Product  Kids Tricycle, Yellow 
Kids Tricycle, Yellow £69.95 x 
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 Colour: Yellow
 Size: One Size
Kids Tricycle, Yellow
We have created a simple tricycle conforming to world standards. The height of the saddle has been changed from 29.0 cm to 29.5 cm. The specifications of the saddle itself have also been changed to make it less easy to break and less liable to collapse than previous models. The specifications of the grips and pedals, and the width of the tyres have been changed to be the same as those used with steering rods. (Changed to non-slip grips and pedals, and more stable tyres). The space between the tyre and the forks has been set so that you won’t injure your fingers if you put them in the gap, while, in the same way, the tyres themselves have been set up so that you won’t pinch your hands or fingers if you block the gap.
£69.95 Item Code 4549738654827
 Colour: Yellow
Kids Tricycle
Colour: Yellow
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