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The choice of Paris for the European flagship MUJI.

MUJI will open its first European flagship store in Paris. MUJI Paris is in the very heart of the city, at Place Carrée, in the Forum des Halles shopping center soon rehabilitated.
The location meets the overall global vision of MUJI, as it is a European hub which will appreciate and understand MUJI’s philosophy and specially designed product.

The new Forum des Halles is an international tourist destination as well as a central location for living and shopping, another reason for MUJI to locate its European Flagship there. MUJI’s European flag- ship will have a surface area of 900 m2.
The store will be merchandised with classic MUJI lifestyle products as well as newer ranges, such as MUJI Labo. It will be the European platform for new concepts that will be developed exclusively: Found MUJI and MUJI Kids.

Found MUJI: a concept that reconciles the usual design of yesterday with today’s daily life.

For the occasion of the opening of the first MUJI European flagship store in Paris late September 2014, the Parisians will discover Found MUJI, a concept initiated by the Japanese brand MUJI. This project was embodied in the first Found MUJI store opened in 2011 in Aoyama, the heart of the fashion district of Tokyo. Each month, Found MUJI organise an exhibition sale around a country or a theme with an exclusive selection of everyday objects that are simple and modest. These artisanal or industrial products, from the past or made today, are a testament to the creativity and the diversity of design in everyday life. This approach to “find” original items and compare them to products designed by MUJI is a unique initiative for a high design brand.

Naoto Fukasawa, an explorer and a member of the MUJI think tank, has initiated this movement and led the MUJI teams with this instilled curiosity and desire to "find".
As part of Found MUJI, discover the limited edition at the MUJI Flagship, Les Halles: the Chantelle Abbey Colognes.

Discover the four fragrances of Colognes (Cool, Soothing, Classic, Lavender), made in France in the Chantelle Abbey workshop. The workshop dates back to 1954 which is still led by the Benedictine sisters. Today, 100% of the products are always developed and packaged in the workshop in France, and honesty and solidarity are the values of the sisters. Their techniques have been preserved over 160 years in their unique workship. MUJI loves and supports crafts and skills that are disappearing, which is what led to this unique, exclusive collaboration with Found MUJI.

MUJI Kids: MUJI classic adult collections made for children

MUJI will exclusively offer MUJI Kids in it’s Paris Flagship, a range which is designed based on MUJI’s classic adult collection, and will be available for children aged 1-12 years.

Design emphasis has been placed on the MUJI Kids product, ensuring that there is greater comfort through no side seams, labels composition sewn outside and the systematic use of organic cotton.

MUJI designs comfortable and durable clothing to accompany their active lives. The products are quality, yet affordable with T-shirts and basics priced at 10 €, dresses priced at 30 € and coats priced at 80 €. You will also discover the range of T-shirts with Japanese wildlife images (long sleeves for fall / winter).
MUJI will open the Paris flagship with the artistic collaboration of French illustrators for the exhibition: MUJI PARIS 17 - 27th September, 2014

To accompany MUJI opening in the French capital, three artists have been invited to create artwork and deliver their vision of the opening event. The artists will include Jean-Michel Alberola, Paul Cox and Philip Weisbecker.

The Forum des Halles will present the art creatd at the Place Carrée, directly in front of the flagship store, as part of the exhibition: MUJI PARIS. The exhibition will run from 17 - 27th September 2014.

Limited edition lithographs were also printed at the Montparnasse printing art workshop IDEM, using printing methods from the late 19th century and preserved to this day in this unique workshop. MUJI loves and supports crafts and skills that are disappearing.

MUJI has chosen the heart of Paris to build its European flagship store because MUJI PARIS.
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