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Acrylic Storage

Display your accessories as you store them

The transparency of acrylic makes it an ideal material for storage. Not only can you immediately locate the contents, but you can also display your possessions. Standardised modules allow you to come up with your own combinations, in order to bring harmony to your desktop.
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Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers - Wide     £24.95 NOW £19.95
Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers - Wide
Acrylic Flip Top Box - 2 Drawers - Wide     £24.95 NOW £19.95
Acrylic Flip Top Box - 2 Drawers - Wide
Stackable Acrylic CD Box - L    £14.95
Stackable Acrylic CD Box - L
Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers - Narrow     £19.95 NOW £15.95
Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers - Narrow
Acrylic Partition Desk Tidy    £12.95
Acrylic Partition Desk Tidy
Acrylic Pen Pot Round    £3.50
Acrylic Pen Pot Round
Acrylic Pot - 3 Partitions    £8.95
Acrylic Pot - 3 Partitions
Acrylic Unit - 3 Drawer    £24.95
Acrylic Unit - 3 Drawer
Stackable Acrylic CD Box    £12.95
Stackable Acrylic CD Box
Acrylic Unit - 1 Drawer    £24.95
Acrylic Unit - 1 Drawer
Acrylic Deep Box - 1 Drawer    £14.95
Acrylic Deep Box - 1 Drawer
Velour Partition (3x5)     £12.95 NOW £10.35
Velour Partition (3x5)
Acrylic Stand with Partition    £14.95
Acrylic Stand with Partition
Acrylic Flip Top Box - 2 Drawers - Narrow     £19.95 NOW £15.95
Acrylic Flip Top Box - 2 Drawers - Narrow
Jewellery Tray with 5 Partitions     £12.95 NOW £10.35
Jewellery Tray with 5 Partitions
Jewellery Tray with Ring Partition     £12.95 NOW £10.35
Jewellery Tray with Ring Partition
Acrylic Tissue Box    £8.95
Acrylic Tissue Box Acrylic
Acrylic Pen Pot Rectangular    £2.50
Acrylic Pen Pot Rectangular
Acrylic Pen Stand - L    £9.95
Acrylic Pen Stand - L Large
Acrylic Desk Rack    £13.95
Acrylic Desk Rack
Velour Partition     £4.95 NOW £3.95
Velour Partition
Large Acrylic Desk Rack    £16.95
Large Acrylic Desk Rack
Acrylic Collection Box - 16 Partitions    £29.95
Acrylic Collection Box - 16 Partitions
Acrylic Pen Pot Round With Lid    £3.95
Acrylic Pen Pot Round With Lid
Acrylic 6 Drawer Unit    £34.95
Acrylic 6 Drawer Unit
Acrylic Desk Pot 3 Partitions    £6.95
Acrylic Desk Pot 3 Partitions
Acrylic Pen Stand - S    £7.95
Acrylic Pen Stand - S
Acrylic Storage Stand    £14.95
Acrylic Storage Stand
Acrylic Case for Earrings & Necklaces     £29.95 NOW £23.95
Acrylic Case for Earrings & Necklaces
Acrylic Storage - 3 Tier Display    £14.95
Acrylic Storage - 3 Tier Display
Acrylic Letter Stand    £7.95
Acrylic Letter Stand
Velour Partition (1x2)    £3.95
Velour Partition (1x2) The velour partition is ideal for storing all manner of jewellery. Fit one into Acrylic narrow drawers, or two in acrylic wide drawers.

Acrylic Storage - 2 Tier Display    £14.95
Acrylic Storage - 2 Tier Display
Acrylic Case For Glasses     £29.95 NOW £23.95
Acrylic Case For Glasses
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