fragrancias para el hogar

fragrancias para el hogar

fragrancias para el hogar

Body Fit Bead Sofa

Whether you're reading a book or working on your laptop, this bead sofa fits to support your body's natural shape. The microbead filling offers comfortable support vertically or horizontally by cushioning where it's needed most. Place a body fit bead sofa in your living room, bedroom or workplace and enjoy a relaxing break at any time.

When used horizontally

Wraps from shoulders to waist for a soft support so you can sit on it comfortably for reading or watching TV.

When used vertically

The material stretches out to naturally support your whole body for enhanced support when you lie down for a nap.

Choose a cover to suit your home and enjoy this adaptable furniture piece.
*Please note covers are sold separately to the main body of the bead sofa.