Please be aware of scam websites


Thank you very much for your continued use of MUJI.

Recently, “fake websites” selling or pretending to sell MUJI products at very low prices have been reported.

We have no connection whatsoever with these "fake websites".

If you use “fake websites”:

  • Your ID, password and personal data may be fraudulently stolen;
  • You may receive no products and not be refunded;
  • You may be sent fake products;
  • Your card may be used fraudulently; and
  • You do so at your own risk and MUJI accepts no liability in respect thereof.

We strongly advise that you should not click on a link, provide any personal data, make an order, or make transfers on "fake sales sites".

If you have been the victim, you should contact your local police station to get a crime reference number. You should also report the scam to your local web crime service office.

MUJI online team