Lemon and Green Tea Reed Diffuser 175ml


Our reed diffuser will fill your home with the citrus fragrance of lemon and green tea. Rotate the reeds every two weeks to re‐saturate the liquid and give a boost of scent, and use our reed diffuser refill bottles to top‐up the scent.Lemon and Green Tea aroma:Taken from our citrus scent collection, this scent has notes of zesty lemon, orange and green tea.
‐ Lemon and Green Tea Reed Diffuser
‐ 175ml
‐ Always place diffuser on a protective plate and away from walls to avoid staining
‐ The more reeds used, the stronger the fragrance
‐ For longevity, avoid placing near radiators or fans as higher temperatures speed up diffusion

‐ scent collection: citrus

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