Oscillating Air Circulator with Aroma Diffuser


This quiet air circulator will keep the air moving around your room and with the aroma diffusing panel in its centre‐ you can spread the natural fragrance of essential oils of your choice. Not only for warmer months, it will also assist in moving air conditioned or heated air around the home more efficiently in winter and help to dry laundry.
‐ 360° to 2° swing range, with 90° tilt
‐ 28.2 x 21.8 x 34.1 cm
‐ 3 speed settings
‐ Tilt and Swing angle settings and timer (2/4/8 hours)
‐ Easy to clean, removable parts

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3.35 KGS
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Introducing the Oscillating Air Circulator with Aroma Diffuser

Experience enhanced air circulation with up to 360 degrees swing mode, perfect for ventilating rooms, circulating air, drying indoor laundry, and enjoying gentle breezes infused with your favorite aroma.


Calming breeze infused with pleasant aromas

The circulator features an aroma pad located near its center. Simply add 2-3 drops of MUJI essential oil to the aroma pad, reattach the aroma cap to the main body, and enjoy the your favourite aromas.

Maximum airflow, minimum noise

Producing high air volume, the circulator is crafted for a comfortable airflow experience. With aerodynamic blades ensuring low noise output, emitting sound levels below 45 dB, allowing you to enjoy a calm, quiet breeze.

Up to 360 degrees swing

This circulator boasts a versatile swing function from 45° to 90° vertically and 90° to 360° horizontally, ensuring even temperature distribution and optimal air circulation throughout your space.

Perfect for drying laundry

With adjustable wind direction both vertically and horizontally, it efficiently dries clothes in rooms with direct airflow.

Automatically returns to the front when turned off

When powered off, the oscillation angles reset to their original positions, and your selected air volume and airflow direction settings are stored. When powered on again, the device resumes operation with your saved preferences. Note that unplugging the device resets these settings to default.

Year-round comfort

Not only does it cool your space in the warmer months, but it also circulates warmth from nearby heat sources to keep you cozy in winter.

Easy to maintain & clean

The circulator's removable parts make maintenance a breeze. Simply detach the guards and blades to easily clean away dust with a simple wipe or rinse with water.