Traditional Japanese Loungewear

The Jinbei is designed for summer. With a relaxed fit and traditional loose stitching, the Jinbei shape is created for maximum ventilation. Keeping your body cool, so you can relax in the summer heat.
100% cotton

100% Cotton

Made from 100% cotton, the Jinbei comes with both top and shorts.

traditional shapes

Traditional Shape

The traditional Jinbei shape is wrapped and tied, rather than fitted tightly.

tube sleeve

Tube Sleeves

The tube-shaped sleeves reduce the amount of material covering you, reducing body heat.


How to wear a Jinbei

1. The right side of the jinbei wraps over your front and is fastened with a bow at your waist.

2. Wrap the left side of the jinbei over the top of the right, and fasten with another bow at your waist.